It has been confirmed that Electric Forest is planning to expand in 2017. The Festive Owl reports that Electric Forest has submitted permits to host back-to-back weekends at next year’s show.

Held in June in Rothbury, Michigan, Electric Forest has been selling tickets at lightning-fast speed. In 2015, tickets sold out in less than two weeks. As demand is rising, it is fitting to plan for expansion.

As of late, the Forest has been a five-day event, spanning from arrivals on Wednesday afternoon to attendees leaving on Monday morning. The Festive Owl also clarified that weekends will not be shortened, explaining “it plainly and simply means back to back weekends that run Thursday-Sunday those people pack up and leave, then another group comes in for another episode of the festival Thursday-Sunday again.”

Tons of excitement has come from speculation about what lies ahead for Electric Forest in the coming year. We are looking forward to a new and different experience!