In case you weren’t aware, Getter was rightfully accused of stealing the drop from his original, “Stay A While,” from Parkinson White’s “Honey Hip Flask.”

It’d be easy to assume that the California-native would avoid this sort of debacle again, regardless of his moral outlook on productions. Of course it’s ethically questionable when you outright steal someone’s track, but the sheer reach of the internet and negative publicity is something that every producer wants to avoid. Nonetheless, Getter is at it again. This time it stems from a Ray Volpe track that came out seven months ago. You can judge for yourself by listening to both tracks below.

Update: Ray Volpe just now issued this statement via Twitter showing his support of Getter:

UPDATE: According to Getter and Ray Volpe, the two have spoken about the topic previously and are aware of the similarity between the tracks. Ray Volpe may have agreed to let this song be released, but that doesn’t change the fact that Getter realized they had striking similarities, and didn’t care to change anything.