We got the lowdown on all things production from talented artist Asino this week, as we head Behind The Bass…

Your remix of Mind Electric’s “Praise You” has been really well received, have you ever worked with M.E before?

Nope. But I have been playing quite a few of his tracks in my sets. So, musically, he was no stranger to me.

How do you find working with the Vicious Recs gang?

I have released tracks and remixes on a lot of labels like Spinnin’ Records, Zulu Records, Jango Music, Housesession and so on. Vicious is a welcome addition to that list! I have been playing some of their latest releases and they have all been received well by the public. And I must say that their level of promotion for their releases is well above average, which of course is something every producer or artist looks for in a label.

How do you usually set about making a remix? Do you tend to have certain production quips you always like to incorporate?

Usually I first give a listen to the original track. If I like it and I think I can do something special or different with it, I’ll agree to do the remix and get on my way. Most of the time I will start from scratch, meaning that I do not use many of the stems that are delivered. For instance: Kristian (Mind Electric) delivered the vocals and the piano in WAV format. Of course I used the vocals but I wanted to make the piano myself… I wanted it to have a different character than Kristian used in his original mix. So, with the vocals, the piano and a breakbeat I created from cutting up 3 other breakbeats I had created the break. After that it was time for the drop. Kristian had mentioned that he liked my remix of “Rookies” by Freejak and Wideboys which was released on Zulu Records. The drop in that track had an old school sounding whomp bass in it, so it seemed logical to use something similar in this remix.

However, I don’t like to use the same sounds over and over and as a producer I try to move forward in terms of creating new sounds, finding ways to make everything sound better, fatter, crispier and so on. So, I created a much heavier sounding bass lead that, together with the beats, thumps like a mother*cker! I create the arrangement for the track and then start on the mixing and mastering before I test it on the road and send it to my inner circle of producers and DJ’s for their initial feedback. If that all works out, I master the track and the finished remix is ready to go!

You also released new single “Hungry” this month – can fans expect further new music from you this year? 

Yes, “Hungry” has just been released on my own label Futurama Records in Holland and has been picked up by BIP Records in Belgium, where it has already hit the charts. Sony Music is going to release it in Germany and France. So, it will be interesting to see what the track will do there! I have a lot of tracks that will be released in the near future. You haven’t heard the last of me yet!

Are there any other producers that standout that you’d like to collaborate with or remix? 

Well, Fatboy Slim has always been an inspiration to me, so the remix for Mind Electric was a nice opportunity to do work with samples Fatboy Slim used back in the day. Some of the producers I respect and would like to have a get together with are Chocolate Puma, Funkin Matt, Ill Phil, The Voyagers and Olav Basoski. Also, I wouldn’t rule out a collab with Mind Electric 😉

Whose sounds are you digging right now?

Well, Funkin Matt is a producer who always does just the right thing with weird sounds. So, he’s one of my all-time favorites. Also, Calippo’s productions are right up there with the best of them. I always like the old-school vibe in Chocolate Puma’s tracks and Lucas & Steve deliver a floor-filler every time they leave the studio, it seems.

All-time favourite dance track? 

Oof. That’s a difficult one. It depends on my mood. Right now I have to say Double 99 – “The Ripgroove”. 

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