German music producer LCAW, born Leon Weber, just released his original debut “Painted Sky” via Ultra Music.

Born in Munich in 1994 and raised in a family of classical musicians, music has always been a part of his life. From playing the piano since he was two to the cello and drums later on, he displays tremendous talent. He produced his first tracks at the age of 18, armed with an extensive knowledge base of music education. His mother was a music professor at the University of Graz.

After years of hard work, his productions have made the Hype Machine Top 3 several times, and he is co-signed to the Ultra Music US label. Across his SoundCloud and YouTube he has gathered an astonishing 160 million plays for his various mixes and remixes. With styles ranging between deep house, indie house, and tech house, he has proven his versatility and is headed towards a bright future.

We were given the opportunity to catch a couple of words from the artist himself:

How did your upbringing influence your decision to make music?
Growing up at home it was always about classical music and I was two years the first time I sat in front of a piano. I loved playing classical repertoires, but I felt limited not being able to create my own music. Just interpreting existing pieces in my own way was not enough for me. In electronic music I found the perfect outlet for my creative ideas.

In what ways have you been able to incorporate your musical background into your current productions?
I write my first ideas for a song on the piano and I recorded the strings for my upcoming album on the cello. Also, for potential live shows I will be able to actually perform on instruments myself, which we are trying to make happen by 2017.

Was there any specific moment in time that made you decide you would begin producing your own music?
I always craved creating my own music and when a close friend of mine started putting out deep house tracks on SoundCloud and showed me the software ableton I drifted into a world that was entirely new to me and where I finally could let my ideas out. It was like an addiction and I spent day and night learning how to use software to make music for the first time in my life.

You have been playing a variety of instruments throughout your whole life. Is there one in particular that you enjoy the most?
My main instrument has always been the cello, but I guess my connection to the piano goes much deeper. Some of my earliest memories of my life are the piano lessons my mom gave me. Almost all of my favourite classical pieces are by Chopin for solo piano. It is such a beautiful instrument, so powerful, but at the same time so calming.

Who would you name as some of your biggest inspirations?
Over the past few years musicians like Flume, Chet Faker and Jamie xx have been huge inspirations for me, not just with their music but also with their entire artist identities.
A great inspiration is also to work with Gomma records from Munich who are not only managing me, but foremost helping me to define who I want to be as an artist and how to put what I want to represent into music and images.

Was there any point in which you considered an alternate path for you life, or was this always the clear one for you?
I was very unsure about my own future 3 months before I was about to finish school. I considered everything (including becoming a heart surgeon) but when I discovered electronic music production for myself, and the adventurous society of artists that are behind, it I instantly knew that this was the only direction I should go.

What genres of music do you typically listen to?
Recently I really got into electronica especially music by Bob Moses, Caribou and Bonobo, but also this electronic RnB / Soul movement with NAO, Kaytranada, Honne and more – they’re all on hot rotation in my own playlists.

What are some of the best things about having so many people listen to and enjoy your music?
It is an amazing feeling when you put out music that comes from deep within you and that music has an impact on people. I get many messages from a lot of people telling me in what way this or that track has affected their life, sometimes a happy moment and also sometimes apparently it helped people to get out of really dark phases and to find the strength to go on.

What has been one of your biggest accomplishments thus far?
That I have managed to reach a point where I can dedicate almost all of my time to music and call something that is my biggest passion my “job”.

What are you hoping for the future of your music career?
I have decided to dedicate my life to music, so of course I hope this will pay off! I don’t mean in terms of money, but that I hope to achieve creating something special that has an impact on our culture.

This melodic pop tune begins with Martin Kelly’s smooth vocals and a gentle guitar rift, moving into a percussion that is sure to get you swaying to the beat. The lyrics are sad yet beautiful and give you a relaxed sensation. This tune makes you think of salvation after finding a path out of darker places. This song is perfect for someone seeking a euphoric escape from reality.

You can check out LCAW’s ephemeral track here: