Yuga, also known in the international house music scenario as “Tradelove”, is an Italian born dance artist and producer named Angelo Paciotti. He’s many times been present in the top 10 of Beatport’s Global Chart and has traveled all over the world with his unique sound. He’s played for crowds from Hong Kong to South America, United Kingdom and Spain to the United Arab Emirates and Eastern Europe. He’s been almost everywhere, and in his spare time has still managed to be an active co-founder at London-based Kaisen Records.

The label has a very interesting motto: “We hate perfection”. The record label, in it’s creedo, states “Perfection is not attainable. It is not even something we want to get, it is old fashioned and uncool. We love mistakes. We enjoy them all at the highest level. By experiencing them, we discover a new concept of improvement, leaving space for something new”. This record is led not by perfectionism, but by always striving for improvement. “Perfect vibes don’t exist and never will exist, but only by chasing them, can we shape the sound of excellence”.

With top productions such as “Get On It”, “It’s You”, “If You Wanna” and “You Got The Love” under his belt and having risen up the Beatport Top 100 charts, it’s no surprise Yuga is one of the hottest commodities coming from Italy today. His brand new track is full of groovy beats and surprises, with heavy House infused bass-lines and an infectious Disco influenced breakdown. “Tonight” has been gaining support from heavyweight artists all over the world, such as Paul Oakenfold and Benny Camaro, and for good reason. “Tonight” only just hit the shelves September 5th.

Check out “Tonight” right now, below: