Off the back of the release of brand new summer house track “Drug Of Choice,” which is out now through Somn’thing Records, we chat with its production pair, Scott Forshaw and Greg Stainer.

The wicked “Drug Of Choice” has really blown up – can you talk us through the recording process? What were your aims when you got started on it?

This track started in the studio in Dubai. We put together the chord progression and drums, then we sent the rough idea over to Mickey (vocalist) in L.A. She got back to us with a couple of ideas and we loved the “Drug Of Choice” idea. Our intention was to create a solid vocal track which translated well on a commercial dance-floor. Hopefully we’ve achieved that.

You’ve added a Forstain VIP mix to the EP – did you always intend to provide your own remix or did it happen by chance? 

The Forstain VIP mix started out as an alternative idea when we first wrote the track… we then couldn’t decide which version we liked more for the original… so we finished both versions and hey presto, the Forstain mix was born!

What do you both enjoy about working together? What qualities do you bring out in each other’s production styles?

We both tend to procrastinate a lot when working solo in the studio, but together we push each other to get things done and egg each other on with ideas. Most of our tracks are written within a single afternoon, but then as we are both DJs, we get to try them out at clubs. After that we return for follow up studio sessions to make changes based on our club play feedback. It’s a system that seems to be working well for us.

Would you consider making an LP together? 

We already have more than enough tracks to do an album. But these days it’s very much a singles market. Plus we are releasing tracks on various labels to spread our wings and cultivate a larger fanbase… but who knows maybe a Forstain album will come sometime in the future.

Which UK house producers are catching your eye at the moment? 

Mark Knight seems to always on point with the straight up house. On the Techy side we are loving what Will Clarke is up to. UK bass we love Foor, and for the deep/future house we are big supporter of James Hype. For big room stuff Hollaphonic are on it!

As summer draws to a close, which shows are you looking forward to playing the most?

We are playing at some big events at Zero Gravity and Nasimi beach in Dubai. Once the weather cools down in Dubai, the outdoor season begins and it’s always good! Plus we have a trip to ADE coming up in October.

Do you have any advice for those who want to make being a producer their living? Which valuable lessons have you both learned along the way? 

Never stop listening and  learning. House music is always evolving and you have to stay on top of things, from a production point of view. Always try new things… comfort zone is not the place to be when it comes to creating.

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