LA-based producer and rising EDM star No Way Back returns with his latest single, “Back2Life,” a collab with house favorite Le Youth. Both artists tastefully fuze 90’s R&B style with soulful house, working perfectly in sync for this new favorite club track.

The R&B infused vocals and groovy house melody pair like cobbler and vanilla ice cream, warm and rich and fulfilling. Not to mention, it’s a jam to dance to. The song rings true to No Way Back’s signature style, intertwined with rippling synths and piano-driven progression.

“This track felt extremely organic to us. Le Youth and I have a great relationship I feel it translates into the music. The goal was to create a house tune that we could both relate to from our own experiences in the past” No Way Back divulges about the track. Le Youth felt similarly appropriately paired:

“Working on ‘Back2Life’ was therapeutic for me; I got to work with No Way Back, and we got to make a track specifically for the club. Those things are new for me and were both awesome experiences. I love that ‘You bring me back to life’ is a line that will mean something different for everyone, for me it’s lost love. Regardless, it’s a club track… turn it up.”

Do as the man says: