Area Event’s fifth annual Electric Adventure festival has been cancelled due to opposition from city locals. The event was set to take place in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Sept. 24 and 25.

The cancellation stems from EA founder Jon Dimatteo wanting to change the location of the festival. Last year’s event, which took place on Albany Avenue, saw much success with over 20,000 guests attending the 6-stages set to accommodate 150 performers.

However, this year, according to a letter from Atlantic City Mayor Donald Guardian, Dimatteo and his team were looking to move the festival to Arkansas Avenue, a location with a pre-existing Live Nation stage.

Unfortunately for Dimatteo, surrounding businesses were not happy with the location choice, which in turn caused Guardian to stop the move.

“I have to take into consideration the interests of all Atlantic City taxpayers,” Guardian wrote.

The only way EA could continue would be in the same locale as last year. Dimatteo released a statement addressing the cancellation:

Dearest fans of Electric Adventure,

We regret to inform you that this year’s edition of EA has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. We understand the frustration that you may be feeling and sincerely apologize for not being able to bring you the event that you deserve. In hindsight – that is what this cancellation is all about. With the event scheduled for a mere two weekends from now, we were forced to make a decision that we felt would be in the best interest for you – our loyal fanbase, the artists involved, and for our brand. We wanted to make our fifth year anniversary one to remember and ultimately realized that due to ongoing developments, this event wasn’t on par with your expectations and our aspirations. The Electric Adventure brand has grown immensely since it’s inception a few years ago and while this cancellation is undoubtedly a big disappointment for all, we can assure you that the wheels are already churning in planning a latter date for the event. Thank you sincerely for your patience, support, and understanding – we’ll be back before you know it. – John Dimatteo