Yesterday, “The FPIA” (Fake Producers Intelligence Agency), brought a video to light that revealed the obvious similarities between Hannah Wants’ new track “Found The Ground” and Joy O & Boddika’s “Mercy (VIP).”

The video has since been deleted, but it showed the two tracks being played simultaneously to display the similiarities between the two. What else is that Hannah unfortunately deleted the track as well, so little evidence remains that plagiarism took place. But, you can still purchase and stream Hannah’s track here. It’s apparent the tracks are very similar, but is it really cause for “plagiarism?”

We’ve listened to both tracks, and while they are extremely similar, there is a decent amount of variation between the two, synth-wise and structure-wise, that makes us think twice. It also helps that Hannah Wants made a statement on Facebook addressing the claims, praising the the Boddika and Joy Orbison track.

“It’s no secret that the inspiration for the track was Joy O & Boddika – Mercy (VIP).” – Hannah Wants

Sure, maybe she wanted to make a very similar track. Sure, maybe she didn’t think anyone would notice. But, you know what? At least she had the (woman) balls to come out and admit the similarities. We still think “Found The Ground” is a well-produced track and hope that Hannah isn’t too discouraged to keep doing her thing. You can read her entire statement below:

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