We got the opportunity to sit down with Borgore after his headlining set at Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta this year! Needless to say, it was pretty awesome.

Borgore, born Asaf Borger, is one of the original pioneers of Dubstep and a massive creative force behind evolving EDM genres today. He grew up in Israel and was classically trained in music at an academy in Tel Aviv. Known for his massive hit single “Decisions” featuring Miley Cyrus, the Israeli DJ has only gone up from there. On top of all of his success, he still manages to be a really nice guy at the end of the day. We caught him at 1:45 am Sunday night, just an hour after he had played the main stage. Even though he must have been exhausted (anyone would be, and he really gave us his all up there) he was joking around with the other press members, playing with bananas, and went out of his way to make everyone there happy and comfortable. He’s just as chill a guy as you would imagine. Check out our full festival review to see some awesome shots of Borgore’s insane, tentacle porn filled set on the Imagine main stage.

We discussed his musical education and how it impacted his work as an electronic artist, what the music scene was like while he was getting started in Israel, and his general feelings about EDM culture today. We also got to hear his thoughts on how the electronic music scene is evolving, and where he wants his music to go from here.

Check out our exclusive, in-person interview with the man who wants it all, and gets what he wants: Borgore.