Zouk Singapore, one of the top nightclubs in the world, has been accused of faking an after party performance with Marshmello by hiring a different DJ to dawn his mask, and never letting the partiers know it wasn’t really Mello under there.

Despite this club being one of the most frequently visited night life hot spots in Asia, after an incident in the Spring with Aly & Fila the club was thrown some public shade for their apparent mistreatment of their DJs. So if they were in hot water before…

The club apparently promoted themselves saying Marshmello would be there to play the Ultra afterparty, and it was only after a resident DJ ousted the club that they decided to own up to their hoodwink.

According to resident DJ Jade Rasif, the club never confirmed that it was in fact Marshmello playing, or if they knew it was an impostor they simply didn’t care. Even Marshmello himself allegedly posted that he was not playing the event. Rasif risks his own neck to make the truth known to the public:


This comes as a huge betrayal of trust to the fans of Zouk and Mello and to the actual artist himself. It could also been seen as attack on Mello and his character by having a fake represent him at such a high profile venue, and genuinely thinking that no one would notice. I would be offended too.


Zouk has just issued an official statement regarding the performance: