Festival is an amazing documentary film that centers around why generations of people have fallen so in love with music festivals. It follows the stories of four girls and three guys during one three-day weekend at North Coast Music Festival at Lincoln Park, Chicago. The group struggles with physical disabilities, imprisonment, and addiction, but finds peace and a home within the music festival scene. They are what you call the “hardcore festie” type, who feel “the bass is their drug.”

The purpose of Festival is not to glorify music festivals or culture, but simply to show the effect it has on people. Festivals play a hugely important role in the lives of those that have been touched. The documentary provides a beautiful picture of what happens when 100,000 plus people from all across the world come together for a single purpose.  

Also highlighted is a history of festivals, dating back to the 1960’s. They take a look at California’s Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 and how the festival scene has taken off since then, with demand now as high as ever.

To see for yourself the celebration of culture that is Festival, watch the trailer below–this one is sure to give you the feels!