Boys Noize did the unthinkable and showed us an unreleased Daft Punk remix of the N*E*R*D classic “She Wants To Move.”

German techno legend Boys Noize recently played homage to Daft Punk with a tribute mix dedicated to the group. In the middle of the mix, he unearthed what he said was an unreleased remix of the track, which originally came out in 2004.

“I found this unreleased remix. I have this white label but it never came out.” – Boys Noize

Fact Magazine just called out Boys Noize, claiming that the tune in question is actually a mash-up of “She Wants To Move” with “Changes,” the closing track off Imagination’s 1982 album In The Heat Of The Night. Unfortunately, they may be right. Check out the so-called remix below and compare it to “Changes.” Let us know what you think – is Boys Noize completely off the grid with this one or is this just a weird coincidence?

We have reached out to Boys Noize and Daft Punk for additional comment.