Just in time for his headlining event with Safe In Sound, beat master/dirty boy Borgore has just released a free to download single that’s for sure going to get him some panties dropped on tour.

“Daddy” is provocative as it gets with sultry lyrics and sick trap undertones. It’s heavy on the Dubstep, as always with Mr. Borger, and plays with a mixing of dance genres in a way that is completely unique to him. This track is Borgore at his best, we love it so much we just wish it was twice as long!

Just a few weeks ago we got the amazing opportunity to watch Borgore play at Imagine Fest in Atlanta and actually scored a video interview with him as well! Chillest guy you will ever meet.

Borgore will be touching down in every corner of the US with Safe In Sound. Tickets can be purchased here & check out the tour dates below!

Safe In Sound Dates & Locations
9/17 – Dallas TX w/ Terravita & Trampa
9/22 – Indianapolis IN w/ Zomboy, Terravita & Just A Gent
9/24 – Minneapolis MN w/ Brillz, Terravita & Just A Gent
9/29 – Buffalo NY w/ Snails, Terravita & Dirtyphonics
9/30 – Chicago IL w/ Dirtyphonics, Boombox Cartel, Trampa & Party Thieves
10/1 – Pontiac MI Elektricity (change from detroit)
10/2 – Columbus OH w/ Snails, Dirtyphonics & Terravita
10/8 – Wallingford CT The Dome
10/9 – Boston MA w/ Snails, Terravita & Boombox Cartel
10/12 – Knoxville TN w/ Terravita & Laxx
10/13 – Tallahassee FL w/ Snails, Terravita & Laxx
10/19 – Boise ID w/ Snails, Terravita & Eptic
10/21 – San Jose CA w/ Ookay, Terravita, San Holo & Laxx
10/22 – Seattle WA WaMu Theater
10/28 – Phoenix AZ w/ Terravita & Laxx
11/4 – Broomfield CO w/ Zomboy, Just A Gent & Laxx
11/18 – Pittsburgh PA w/ Snails, Must Die & Rain Man
11/19 – Atlanta GA w/ Snails, Must Die Rain Man
11/25 – Sacramento CA w/ Snails, Joyryde, Jayceeoh, Laxx & G Buck
11/26 – Berkley CA w/ G-Buck & Jayceeoh