Spotify and Mic have come together to create a video podcast series called Clarify, a talk show program inspired by the controversies surrounding the 2016 election. The idea was to bring together policy experts, journalists and musicians to talk about the issues our country and people are facing today. The goal is to “inspire civic engagement,” said Spotify’s director of social impact Kerry Steib.

Diplo was invited to speak openly about student debt and his personal experience with it on the first ever episode of Clarify. The discussion is prefaced with the statistic that more than 40 million Americans share a combined $1.3 trillion in student loan debt.

Diplo discusses the significance of a good education, his struggle with student debt after graduation, and his support of Bernie Sanders. For Florida students especially this video hits home, since Diplo discusses the struggle to “just get out of Florida” and the tunnel vision that can come with growing up somewhere no one ever wants to leave. Check out the first ever episode of Clarify with Diplo below:

Other topics covered in Clarify range from gun control to civil rights, the economy, debt, voting, and more. Diplo was also invited back to take part in a segment about the critical importance of voting. You can check out Clairfy and their video episodes and podcasts here.