In the most unconventional way possible, Boys Noize just debuted his brand new music video: via 4chan.

At a time when discussion of politics and government corruption are more prominent in our culture than ever before, it’s a bold statement to make for the German techno producer.

Mayday marks the fourth studio album for the producer, where he confronts topics of surveillance, freedom, and personal privacy. As a collaborative effort with Snowden producer Oliver Stone, he references these controversial topics in the official video for title track “Mayday.”

Premiered by 4chan’s 404 error page, it is one of of the two music videos featuring film from Stone in 25 years. “Mayday” is featured on Snowden’s soundtrack, which hit theaters last week.

Frequent Boys Noize collaborators and visual maniacs LIL INTERNET and Susboy created the music video, which along with Snowden footage, contains public global surveillance camera footage and unsettling NSA acts.

“The album title Mayday refers, appropriately, to the international distress signal. “Mayday is my warning signal against blind categorization and conformist synchronization. A call for individuality and diversity – and a tribute to outsiders.” – Boys Noize

Boys Noize released Mayday on May 20th 2016 and is now touring throughout select US cities.