Amsterdam based bass label Doggtown Records has just unleashed their wildest EP yet with ‘The Pack’, a legendary compiling of some of the hottest bass acts from around the world. The EP was just dropped today, September 21.

‘The Pack’ calls upon core Doggtown members Guerilla Speakerz, Subp Yao and Boeboe along with fresh blood to the Doggtown scene Udachi, Jimmy Pé, Deadcrow and BANGANAGANGBANGERS to create one of the sickest 6-track EPs you will ever wild out to. The EP stands as a tribute to what Doggtown is all about: that bass.

The first track “SandSnek” by Udachi is a future bass banger you’ve probably heard at the club (I know I have) with a racing beat and fall, and acts as the perfect hard opener to this compilation. Boeboe’s “Countdown” starts with more trance and synth sounds, muddled lyrics reciting “party people gather round, count down to apocalypse”, cutting into a filthy bass heavy beat (you’ve probably heard this at the club too). “Dingo” by Guerilla Speakerz is up next, a sinister dangerous beat that makes you want to take on the fiery world by storm. Jimmy Pe’s “Hudson River VIP” is anything but relaxing and luxurious (as the name at first might lead you to believe). This track is a basshead’s wet dream with deep and dirty relentless percussion. Subp Yao and Banganagangbangers work together on this second-to-last track, starting with a future bass intro leading into a subterranean mixture of mottled, spinning sounds. Basically, it’s trippy as hell. Deadcrow’s “Mist” finishes off the EP with an alluring, electrifying trance-like opening (think stars bursting and space travel) before delving into some deep laser sounds and wild future bass madness. The song is as beautiful as it is invigorating.

Doggtown rightly prides themselves on producing club bangers with bass heavy, melodic and catchy sounds while always keeping it grimy as hell. And they do. Stay filthy, boys.

Here’s ‘The Pack’. Get crazy with it.

If you love it, the EP is available for purchase here.

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