With III Points quickly approaching, it’s time to get excited. To help you out, we put together a list of the five artists we think are must-sees for the three-day music, art, and tech festival. Check them out and let us know if you think we missed anyone.

1. LCD Soundsystem

I was heartbroken and on the verge of tears when I watched LCD Soundsystem’s farewell performance in 2011. Even through the stream, I experienced the magic of being there. I feel like the world has been given a second chance to observe their brilliance, so don’t miss out, the hype is real.

2. Kink

Besides being an excellent producer, Kink performs his live sets by thriving off of the crowd and sometimes even including them in the decision making. Over and over, he is always ranked as a must-see for live performance, as each set is unique and explorative in a way that no one else is quite doing.

3. Ben UFO

No production necessary. This is a DJ’s DJ. He can go from dub to house to minimal to techno to electronica to world to electro, without you being none the wiser about it. If you want to see some peak DJing with a wide swath of musical styles, he is your go-to guy.

4. M83

Lets all get uplifted and feel the vibes. M83 is a great band to just let wash over you, embracing the synth pop haze and noise wall of emotion–a perfect night cap to a long festival weekend.

5. Danny Daze

On the production front, he is always experimenting, avoiding pigeon-holing himself into a “sound.” You may know him from “Your Everything (feat. Louisahhh!!!),” but he spans quite a large gamut. Techno, house, electro, breaks, miami bass. Also hailing from Miami, I can only assume he will conjure a killer set to truly show what Miami is about.

III Points takes place October 7-9 in Mana, Wynwood. Tickets are still available.