Paris Hilton has become notorious in the EDM community for her less-than-reputable DJ skills and poor song selection, but the latter may be making an ever-so-gradual change in the right direction. During her performance at Ibiza’s Amnesia nightclub last weekend, she dropped Eric Prydz’s crowning masterwork, “Opus,” giving the media something positive regarding her DJ sets to actually report.¬†Although the rest of her set was littered with old-school big room hits – reportedly including “Cannonball” and “Atom” – it’s nice to see unsuspecting fans experience a quick glimpse of magisterial sound design.

To those of you keyboard warriors who are angrily brooding about her shoddy DJ skills and utter ignorance when it comes to the EDM community as a whole, I say why bother? We all know that she singlehandedly embodies the negative stereotypes that surround EDM, so why post these negative comments when all it does is generate more publicity? Obviously writing an article does the same thing, but our job is to report what’s newsworthy. In this instance, it’s abundantly clear that Paris Hilton playing a revered masterpiece is a massive surprise, so maybe she’ll get the message one day.