West London collective Black Saint recently released a new dub mix of their track “Could you Love Me?” that completely transforms the already amazing track. Black Saint’s dub mix was released on TMTR–a completely fresh fusion of hip hop, trap, R&B, and house. The original mix (which already has over 1.2 million plays on YouTube) has a twing of pop, and the facelift of “Could You Love Me?” could easily be a new crowd favorite. The R&B style infuses funky jazz/trumpet sounds into smooth bass breakdowns to form Black Saint’s personalized style sub-genre of house; the vocals alone produce an intense amount of soul, driven with uplifting dance beats dipped carefully in reggae music.

The collective explains their choice of moniker, Black Saint, to express its philosophy. As they explain: “Black represents the origin of our main music influences and in many ways reflects today’s modern culture, especially in regard to music. Thanks to the likes of Bob Marley and Soul II Soul, barriers in class, race, colour and creed have been broken down as we’ve all united in music.”

As for the Saint aspect? “That represents the desire for perfection in others and within ourselves. Even though that seems impossible, we’re driven by the sense that it’s attainable and we’re united as we strive towards it. Saints are also detached from self-seeking interests and can make a profound difference in the lives of others – and that’s something we’d like to achieve with our music.”

Check out the track today on SoundCloud below and be prepared to dance!

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