Crowds have become gradually more communal nowadays, as drunken brawls seem to happen less and less with each show I’ve attended. However, there are still numerous cases of entitled brats tossing things and heckling performers, perfectly exemplified by Duke Dumont’s recent performance in Edmonton.

Last weekend, Dumont stormed off stage after “fans” became enraged, threw bottles, and spit all over his CDJs. Ok first of all, it should be common knowledge that your first reaction to dissatisfaction should simply be walking out of the venue. Secondly, when you do immature shit like this, you put the thousands of dollars of equipment at risk – and more importantly the performer’s health.

Before he walked off, Duke Dumont was clearly ticked off as he grabbed the microphone. “If you’re brave enough come the fuck down, come the fuck down now,” he screamed. “Whoever did that, come down the stage. If you’re man enough to spit, you’re man enough to come on up here.”

Just because you don’t enjoy a performance, doesn’t mean the performer doesn’t deserve your respect. Stop being a childish ignoramus and have one ounce of empathy.