I’ve only made two or three kandi bracelets in my life, but I have a deep, unwavering respect for the communal tradition it represents. Even though a trading of plastic seems like a minuscule exchange, the universal love it embodies propagates warmth and intimacy in the EDM world. That’s why I love Kandi In Public. Not only does it promote these quintessential values of love and empathy, but it shows you just how far they can travel.

Kandi In Public has created digital chips in each bracelet that allow you to track every location to which your kandi has been. It’s quite simple as well, as each bracelet comes with it’s own unique tracking number that you type into the company’s website. Although there aren’t any options for a personally customizable bracelet, the site has a wide variety of selections carrying one-word messages that promote┬áPLUR’s lifestyle. They are relatively cheap too, ranging from $7-$13 USD. Make sure to check out these must-have bracelets here, and watch the video below to get a better idea of the company’s overlying message.