Your significant other cheats on you with a rando Tinder user who swiped right and unknowingly ruined everything. Life sucks, and nothing will be okay EVER again. In this moment, the best possible decision you can make is to VEVO “Blood In The Cut” by K.Flay. C’mon, don’t you want to add fuel to the fire?

Dubbed “Suburban Rap Queen,” Kristin Meredith Flaherty is a San Francisco transplant hailing from Chicago. Her infectious verse “The boy I love’s got another girl. He might be fucking her right now,” is an oh so catchy start to fall 2016’s breakup anthem.

K.Flay walks out of a wrecked, upside down car unscathed with a major case of RBF (resting bitch face). The viewer is immediately infatuated with K.Flay’s alter ego and mission. However, she spends most of the music video standing in an unhygienic bathroom cleaning her unicorn-colored bodily fluids off of the sink and wall. What’s missing is a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream and an unopened bottle of Skinnygirl California Rosé. Am I right?

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