Louis The Child is near and dear to my heart. I discovered them in the most unlikely way possible, talking to my office manager’s aunt one summer afternoon. While my coworkers were wrapping up their morning tasks before lunch, she mentioned how her son’s best friend is Louis The Child’s Freddy Kennett. I had no idea who Louis or Freddy were, so I began researching these peculiar characters.

In 2012, Robby Hauldren and Kennett formed the pair when bonding at New Trier High School’s DJ Club. They grew up in Northfield, Ill. which means we’re practically neighbors #FamousByAssociation. Most seniors are concerned with how they are going to ask the hot girl in their math class to prom.

Meanwhile, Louis The Child had bigger fish to fry; 18-year-old Kennett was masterminding “Closer” with The Chainsmokers, and Taylor Swift endorsed their tune “It’s Strange” in her ‘New Songs That Will Make Your Life Awesome’ list.

Needless to say, I am not astonished by the magical melodic poetry Louis The Child recreated with “Fire.” Blonde bombshell Evalyn debuts her soft yet impactful voice that has enough fire to “run this empire higher.” The LA-based artist sings the chorus with such conviction, ultimately reminding me of Halsey’s vocals in the hit “Castle.”

Evalyn ends “Fire” with one last promise, “If I go down in flames, the smoke will spell my name.” Consider this Evalyn and Louis The Child’s golden ticket to a Netflix original series soundtrack.

See Louis The Child on the “Weekend” in a city near you.