4 years ago Steve Aoki played a Halloween show at the Madrid Arena in Spain, a famous venue known for hosting wild shows. The Thriller Music Park event was thrown there by promoter Miguel Ángel Flores, who sold 6,000 tickets to the show. Over the course of that evening 29 people were reported injured, and tragically five attendees lost their lives.

El Mundo reports that the Spanish courts have charged Flores with 5 homicides by gross negligence and 29 counts of injury, resulting in a maximum prison sentence of 4 years for the nightclub promoter. The courts condemned Flores for ignoring the building’s structural integrity by overselling the venue past its restricted body capacity. The event was grossly oversold.

The five victims were trampled by a crowd stampede caused by a lit flare. The emergency exits were blocked with the crush of panicked people. It took the venue three hours to clear the crowds, and in that time 29 more attendees had been moderately to severely injured due to the overbooking of the event and the sheer mass of the crowd.

The courts have also ordered that the families of the individuals killed will each receive €350,000 in compensation, and the other injured individuals will receive compensation adequate for their injuries. In addition to Flores, 6 other associates of the event received prison sentences for their negligence.