Allow me to introduce Bechara, a brand new music project launched last month with the release of this eerie video for their dark and cinematic first single “Back To The Bloodshed.”

While the video is unnerving, the plot comes through the lyrics. Against a backdrop of pulsating analogue synths, “Back To The Bloodshed” tells the story of a man drafted into a war to fight someone else’s enemies. Upon his return, he discovers that his wife, family, and all that he was fighting to return home to has deserted him. Abandoned by his former life and left isolated and paranoid, he returns to the war he never wanted, searching for solace amongst the foreign wasteland. The video serves as a disturbing, almost maddening, post-industrial representation of the subject’s grief and loss of hope.

More motion picture than music, Back To The Bloodshed is the first transmission from Bechara’s soon-to-be released album. Check out their haunting work below: