“Royalty” opens on Death Cab for Cutie reminiscent piano keys while PRXZM singer Emma Maidenberg hums us to sleep with her glitchy lullaby. “Come home to the city, those dark nights calling for you. We’re the rooftop kings and queens, crowns sparkling.” The listener is thrown into complete bliss with these promising lyrics of a better future in an environment unknown, potentially a black abyss.

Remember the sound effects for 1994’s Game Boy Donkey Kong? These noises are scattered throughout the drop strategically, comforting me with memories of lying on a wool blanket looking up at The Big Dipper in the summer night sky.

PRXZM’s music is simple like their story, and I like it that way. Emma and Nick are full time Indiana University students (my alma mater) who are doing the damn thang out of their dorm room. I was lucky enough to see Maidenberg’s first live performance of Borgore’s ballad “Out of My Mind” at 2015’s Freaky Deaky in Bridgeview, Ill. Her hunger, charm and enthusiasm were evident. Not too shabby for two Hoosiers.

Check out their magnificent beauty beat below: