On the heels of his widely successful EP Smoke & Mirrors, as well as several big singles including “Deeper Love” and “Never”, Tascione is making waves in the bass world this year. His releases have garnered the support of artists such as The Chainsmokers, Adventure Club, Bro Safari, and most recently, Prismo.

For his latest release, Tascione was commissioned by rising EDM star Prismo to join in a remix package for his Contact EP. Tascione remixes “Connect” into a sonically satisfying hybrid bass tune that wraps you up in emotion and still keeps you ready to dance the night away. Tascione has a knack for inserting feeling into trap and house music that otherwise would just be straight bangers. He says of his previous work: “Smoke & Mirrors is a rollercoaster ride through different genres, breaking down the barriers that define them. I hope that this EP invokes emotions that people never thought they would experience from listening to ‘trap music.’” Tascione keeps that perfect balance in his “Connect” remix as well.

Check out the killer remix below: