Drew Taggart successfully gives singing another shot in the track “All We Know,” after the recent harsh critiques he received at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards performance with Queen Halsey. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers are no strangers to haters. Remember, when they released the life-changing hit “Selfie”? Although a complete pop culture phenomenon, “Selfie” nearly sealed The Chainsmokers’ fate as a one-hit wonder. Until 2015, that is.

The ‘Bouquet’ EP gave us a mad case of the feels with baby-making ditty “Roses.” Elizabeth Mencel aka Rozes serenaded fans with the desperate love song that made the general public want to smoke indica, dance, and cry all at the same time; this hit proved the duo can create a catchy anthem but most importantly show versatility within their work.

I’m sipping on Bigelow’s Vanilla Chai tea attentively listening to Taggart and Phoebe Ryan’s calming voices harmonize. “All We Know” is an intimate internal dialogue justifying each lover’s inability to leave a dead-end relationship. “We’ve passed the end, so we chase forever ’cause this is all we know. This feeling’s all we know.” Swiftly, a bow and arrow pierces my wrenching heart; I identify with this song. I think we all do. Isn’t it much more comfortable remaining in a toxic situation than starting over with no promise of a better tomorrow?

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