“Without You” is the sonic concoction crafted by two diverse artists Lil Texas and VenessaMichaels. The track follows a Jersey club aesthetic in combination with the low end madness that stems from the raw sounds of Trap music. With a Missy Elliot sample to remind you how to do it like this, the uplifting tune is an accurate representation of old school sounds meeting modern day music.

The collaboration may come as a surprise to some, but with VenessaMichaels just coming off of her #2090 Summer Series and Lil Texas’ legendary official “Get Buck” Brillz x Gangsta Boo Remix having just been released, this surprising dynamic duo had their timing just right.

Lil Texas comments on the collab. “We both thought it would be dope to combine our individual sounds. When we finally got together things just started flowing. The essence of the track is something we could drop in a club setting yet has some musical melodic feel to it.” Lil Texas is known for his genre bending underground work and his ambiguous and diverse set of ethereal sounds. his music is a sonic concoction of colorful chords and harmony coupled with transcendent Trap and nightclub rhythms.

“I’ve been a fan of Lil Texas for a while, (not just because he has mad meme game)” VanessaMichaels comments, “but he’s also one of my favorite producers when it comes to innovative beats. He sent me this session and we worked separately for a minute, and then we realized we live 1 mile away from each other. This track shows a new side to both of us.” VenessaMichaels is a 90’s favorite wild child who has blossomed in the 2000’s into an accomplished LA DJ. VenessaMichaels has created a sound that can only be described as #2090 through a series of futuristic singles and bouncy beats paired with a retro flair.

It’s time to succumb to the groove and step back into the future.