Remember that insanely popular video of a bedroom DJ mixing 18 songs in 10 minutes? This one? Well his name is SLEEPER and he’s back with another one–except this one blows the original out of the water.

It’s been seven years since the first video, which means seven years of DJ and video mixing technology advancing. The result? A new genre: The Mixfilm.

Titled Only Love, the video is a project which had absolutely no corporate funding and is being given away for free. SLEEPER teamed up with The DJ Hookup to “create something beautiful that would bring people together.” At the end of a year which saw the loss of many legends (R.I.P. Phife, Bowie & Prince), Only Love couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

The video is a beautiful ode to positivity at a time when the world is distracted by political division and hardship. Not only will the video make you proud to call yourself a DJ, but it will make you proud to live in this generation that we are a part of and remind you of the beautiful world that we all live in together.

I’ve always tried to create things that are timeless. When people think about DJing, they think about crazy parties and festivals. With this project, I wanted to make an impact that would last beyond 1 night.

Musically, it’s a blend of genres, but visually, it’s a blend of people, because we’re all one family. I hope it gives you a moment to reflect and be grateful, regardless of what’s going on around us.


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