Steve Aoki has really branched outside of the box with his new project that raises funds for organizations that are dedicated to researching and developing new types of regenerative medicines for preserving the brain. Aoki’s main goal is to hopefully extend the lives of the people in the world around him and work towards eliminating brain disease altogether. Aoki’s non-profitable charity, The Steve Aoki Charity Fund, is joining together for the project with a custom print company called Viralstyle.

Product Front View

Viralstyle has a ton of dope designs in t-shirts, long sleeves, and tanks, that are available for purchase here, with the proceeds going to brain preservation research. In a year of crazy elections, this is one campaign I can get behind! #SavetheBrain

Sales of this tee are only for a limited time, so you’ll want to purchase it while supplies last. All products are available at