I love fall, but not because of pumpkin spice lattes or frolicking in leaf-covered fields. I love fall because it means one thing: layering. In cold climates, knowing how to wear as many heat-retaining garments as possible is key. But that’s not what I care about. I want to see the head-turning, eye-popping, “Where did you get that?” jackets and coats.

Denim and leather are two well-known outerwear fabrics, but there are so many other options for staying warm during fall and winter. Think faux-fur vests, suede fringe jackets and satin bombers.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with denim and leather. You can easily modify these fabrics with pins, distressing, and even a dye job. With so many options, it may be hard to pick just one. And in the true spirit of layering: the more the merrier!

Distressed Denim:


Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple, so jazz yours up with some distressing. If you’re looking for an even more lived-in look, try slashing the elbows or cropping the jacket and leaving the hem raw.

Buttery Suede


Live our your cowboy fantasies with an updated fringe jacket that will keep you warm without making you look like you’re wearing a leftover Halloween costume.

Shiny Satin


Bombers were actually made to keep pilots warm when they were flying in uncovered cockpits during WWI. So it’s no surprise that these snuggly cocoons actually retain a lot of body heat. Snuggled in your puffy cocoon, you’ll be warm and you’ll look effortlessly cool.

Jewel-Toned Leather 

Black leather jackets are another closet staple, but what about colored leather? Add a pop of color with an electric blue (aspirational, I know) or a peachy-pink.

Pins and Patches


This DIY customization trend was all over runways. And why not? It’s an easy trick to updating old classics and making them feel more personal.