Have you ever felt haunted by your thoughts, ones that drift to the front of your mind for seemingly no reason? That’s what listening PANG! feels like. The mysterious Swedish project is back with brand new original track “Cigarette” featuring Cameron Douglas on vocals and it is truly a remarkable piece of music. It may be one of the most beautiful songs I have heard all year.

The story behind “Cigarette” is PANG! discovered the music of Cameron Douglas while surfing the internet. There was footage of Douglas playing acoustic sets in private houses, and PANG! was immediately interested in working together. They got in touch to re-work one of his songs, and “Cigarette” is the shining result. The mysterious duo continues their musical journey evoking unique, exquisite auras accompanied by the extraordinary otherworldly art of Faustroll Garden.

“Cigarette” is a light and tingling beauty beat that reminds me of fairies dancing in a winter forest. If the melody is flowing smooth water, the breath of fresh air that keeps you afloat is Douglas’s achingly beautiful voice. I fell in love with this song from the first moment he spoke “That Cigarette, that cigarette was all that I could see; I never took a single drag, just smoldered in the breeze”. This song is nostalgic, entrancing, and utterly absorbing. It falls beyond my words. Please, take a listen and see what I mean.