Holland’s own EDM DJ, Oliver Heldens, isn’t just making a career spinning. While transitioning from a hectic summer tour, Heldens has a bit of time off before embarking on a winter tour. What would a DJ do with this scarce fragment of time off? Most would vacation and enjoy the peace and quietness. Not Heldens, though. He will be going where no DJ has gone before and try his luck in the sparkling water industry.

It is not uncommon for a DJ to go into business that is outside of electronic music. Tiësto is in the process of working with Budweiser to make limited edition beer cans. Sven Väth briefly helped inspire a couple of restaurants in Germany; however, no DJ has tackled sparkling water.


The new refreshment will be called Deep Sparkling Water and will be available October 15 at a live meet-and-greet session at the Albert Heijn Vleuterweide supermarket in the Netherlands. Deep Sparkling Water ingredients are elderflower, mint, and cucumber flavors, all of which Heldens picked out. Every raver knows to keep hydrated on the dance floor, but this is taking it to a whole other level.

Deep Sparkling Water will be available to purchase here at the end of October.