MKSHFT steps up to the plate and hits the edm scene hard with his debut track ”Omkara”. Not much information is out there about the guy on the block, but “Omkara” definitely shows the world what he’s is all about with this mind-bogging genre-blending beat.

Straight outta’ India, MKSHFT gives a super twist with his homeland’s cultural festivities, using very own samples from India’s annual celebration of the Hindu god of success and good fortune, Ganesha, known as Ganesh Chaturthi. It is no wonder as to why he named his ground-breaking debut track “Omkara”, synonym of Ganesha.

MKSHFT comes out with his total authentic fuse of Indian culture then drops the bass with one of the grittiest sounds of trap music, giving trap music a new sound to look forward to. Definitely keeping an ear for this one, with 7 tracks set to be released in the next 7 months, we’ll definitely be seeing more of MKSHFT soon.