You know how all your favorite DJs nowadays are guys? I know I notice that. I’ll be standing in the crowd saying, “Where are my girls at?” and thinking “I could do this!” Fantasizing that I’ll be the first woman Tiësto, or the next Borgore! Well ladies, now you can be! Although I must admit–there are more women in the EDM scene than ever before, thanks to great girls like Alison Wonderland, Grimes, Mija and Krewella. There is still hope for us!

Meet Maquarie Fletcher: a well-known DJ based in Melbourne, also known as Fletch. Unfortunately, she got tired of preforming because she was consistently the only female DJ! How disappointing, right? Well, she got super fed up with this “no-female” ish and started to fight back! She started a weekly program called DJ S’Cool. It’s located at the Fitzroy Clubhouse in Melbourne! She teaches women the ins and outs of DJing, and the business side to it. She does her very best to get them booked and preformed! In an interview with i-D, she explains the jist of the program and that it’s focused on working with programs such as Ableton and learning how to download music. She also explains, which I think is quite unique, that she tries to help women understand how to lead your own show and be independent. She knows firsthand how competitive preforming in that kind of world can be. It’s about time that someone realized that girls have good taste in music too! AND, we have the same kind of talent that men do, and are just as capable. This is a great start to a culture that needs some feminism! With Fletcher’s ideas–more people can see the brilliance and continue to create more and more classes that make women more involved in the exciting scene! The more we accept that it’s a guys’ world, the more women will continue to be shut out! Check out DJ S’ Cools’ Facebook page here

Here’s a flyer for the school if you’re ever casually in Melbourne! Let this be motivation to start your own classes for up-and-coming women DJs!


On another note, for all of you EDM lovers that just love the women DJs that we do have, I’ve included some links to some of their killer sets! Let’s represent our ladies!


Alison Wonderland: