While summer may be over, festival season will never be. This fall brings us into the creepiest, scariest, heavy-hitting rave scene and undergrounds. What better to freshen your style then with hair that glows under blacklight?

Mermaid hair has been all the rage this past summer, girls frolicking with blue and teal locks. Now, we step into the night and under the blacklight. While there are tons of products on the market, our favorite has to be a totally safe, vegan, cruelty-free hair dye to toss your locks in from Manic Panic. The High Voltage hair dye series brags colors that are completely livid during the day and make it easy for friends to find you in the dark.

For some inspiration, check out these styles from Instagram:



The only scary part? Men seem to be taking to dying their beards. I think this one may be for the ladies, gentlemen. Share with us on Instagram, if you think your #blacklightbeard is #noiseprn worthy!