After taking a hiatus from Trap, Daniel Pollard aka Heroes x Villains (HXV) is back in the game and working harder than ever. This ATL based producer/DJ has collaborated with heavyweights such as Gucci Mane, Metro Boomin, and newest rap superstar Lil Uzi Vert, as well as producing with Diplo, Major Lazer, and Carnage while being behind the scenes for years. From Rap to Trap to Techno and back, well rounded and versatile producer/DJ HXV has just released his latest project, a dazzling and thought-provoking track called “Novocaine”.

His latest single is a personal journey through HXV’s own struggle with addiction and the incessant pull towards drugs he experiences in the music industry every day. The song’s narrative is told through the perspective of the disease itself, constantly calling the user back into it’s isolating arms. The song is a heart-wrenching collaboration with longtime friend Naz Tokio, her soothing vocals coaxing the listener into relapse and the perceived safety of a high: “Don’t you run, don’t you run away. When you cry, when you cry I ride your waterfalls, slip inside so I can break your fall…Slip inside you and find your body in withdrawals…When your world’s about to blow, kami-kamikaze, toxicated by the low, let me take away the pain. Imma get you elevated more than anybody, let me numb you, let me numb you, let me numb you, Novocaine” & drop.

HXV’s sound is born out of a desire to combine the sounds of Atlanta Rap with dark electronic elements. He has found a good deal of inspiration and friendship from artists such as Brodinski, Metro Boomin, and Virgil Abloh, as they all look to blend the heaviest, most rebellious elements of Rap with the minimal, mature, and dark sounds of the underground. You can follow HXV on his official Facebook page here.