Hawaiian native Cameron Williamson, also known as the producer Zenxienz has had a love and understanding of music his whole life and it’s definitely apparent in his tracks. Zenxienz is currently living in Los Angeles and this year he has released tons of new hit singles such as “Stargazing”, “Rise”, “Orbit”, “Lovesick Bliss”, “Snake Charmer”, “The Great Beyond”, and “Alleyways”. You can experience them all on Zenxienz’s official soundcloud.

However, Zenxienz doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon with his most recent release of “Cosmic Socks”. “Cosmic Socks” is an explosive tune with a funky melody and subtle hints of hip-hop. This song incorporates so many unique elements such as a galactic chatter introduction and a mix between electronic music and psychedelic key notes that really ignite a deep connection in the listener’s soul.

Zenxienz’s main goal is to expand the consciousness of himself and the people in the world around him, as he continues to strive for excellence in his life’s purpose; and that’s to create music.

Check out “Cosmic Socks” here: