You might know of ETC! ETC! from his original trap music that now is such a throwback! The good ol’ days when trap wasn’t so mainstream! His famous songs range from Swoop, Bueller ft Diplo, and TROMPA! But now, he wants to deliver something unique and different from anything he’s created before. This song fits his DJ name almost too perfectly.

Just about two weeks ago, this hidden gem of a DJ delivered quite the exclusive remix. He decided to re-make the popular song “Alone” by Marshmello and give it a twist that he titled a “Re-Imagined Mix”. In the description of the song he cleverly claims this stellar new track is “little bit of Mello- little bit of Skrillex- little bit of me.” We can definitely see the moving pieces here.

The chorus is the most compelling part delivering a bouncy yet grimy sound. In this special chorus you can definitely hear a lot of Mello with the tone, while the fast paced speed is #SoSkrill. Only such a talented DJ can bring 3 heavenly artists into one high-spirited track. Let me know if you get the olden days techno vibes like I do! If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out on Soundcloud below: