Hardwell has become one of the hottest DJs in the EDM world and was crowned the world’s No. 1 DJ in the Top 100 DJ Mag in 2013 and 2014. The award-winning DJ, producer, musician and label owner has created a legacy that would put most of his counterparts to shame, helping to shape the current state of EDM.

After creating hot dance numbers such as “Spaceman,” “The Dance Floor” with W&W, “Encoded,” “How We Do,” “Dare You” with Mathew Koma and many more, the Dutch producer recently announced the release of his newest hottest track, “Thanking About You” with Jay Sean.

The two big musician heavy-weights teamed up for a new collaboration that is a distinctive Future Pop single with a catchy dance vibe. The new studio collaboration, which released on Oct. 14, from both artists has something of an enduring and emotional quality that has the potential to be a popular hit among dance music fans.

“Thinking About You” features the perfect blend of house/R&B flavors, making it an emotive record filled with rich melodic tones. The track features Sean’s soft, melodic vocals that he is known for, with a world-class production quality that is the trademark of Hardwell.

Jay Sean has been a familiar face in pop music for over 10 years with singles such as “My Own Way,” “Ride It,” “Hit The Lights,” “I Made It,” “Do You Remember” and his Billboard No. 1 hit single “Down” featuring Lil Wayne. The U.K. native singer has been credited by many as pushing what was then just an “Asian underground” scene into the forefront of British musical culture, becoming the undisputed people’s champion along the way with Beatles-like hysteria following everywhere he went. Sean’s combination of R&B/Indian flavored songs and his rabid fan base quickly landed him a lot of success, signing to Cash Money and creating song sales of over $15 million.

The British-Indian singer has four studio albums under his belt with work on his fifth album underway. Sean’s first single from his next release is a follow-up with Jamaican rapper Sean Paul for “Make My Love Go” this has already received over 53 million plays on Spotify.

“Thinking About You” is a R&B/House record with enough sizzle to guarantee every listener will long be thinking about it.

If you’re feeling it, get your own copy of the track here.