After releasing their first single “Thinking Of You” on Flamingo Recordings, the Austrian duo HEART FX is back with the bewitching new track “King Without a Throne”. The symbolic title and fairy tale artwork speak to the child-like sensitivity and loneliness that exists deep within us all. This song is a sweet and glittering ode to your always-wandering inner child, give it a listen below.

As leading voice Joe Jury softly sings “I’m looking for a place to settle down, yes it’s hard to find the shelter in this town” it reminds us of the emptiness and nostalgia we all experience, sometimes seemingly without reason. The music holds the piece in fragile balance between tenderness and rapture. “King Without A Throne” is the perfect whirling pop tune for these chilly autumn nights.

You might be a bit surprised that the following label is responsible for the release. It’s the Dutch Big & Dirty brand, a label previously standing for edgy club sounds who are now redefining themselves. We have to say, we are very happy with their inclusion of this surprising piece.