Torro Torro and Aylen teamed up for a bass-ridden tune that’s full of sexy vocal chops, incredible sound design, and a drop that made our jaws fall to the floor.

Toronto/LA-based duo Torro Torro and rising producer Aylen have linked up several times over the past year and were determined to put a track out together. Very aware that their sounds mesh perfectly together; “Designed 4 U” was born.

The collab is a bass anthem that seamlessly combines Torro Torro’s festival-friendly style with Aylen’s hyper sound. The track builds up into a heavy and fluttery first drop, while the second drop slows down into a sexy and trappy drum pattern with gritty synth work to complement it.

This track is an ultimate uplifter and we can’t wait to hear more from both parties. Grab “Designed 4 U” here.

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