Formed in 2012, Cool Company is a Brooklyn-based Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop writer/producer duo composed of vocalist Yannick Hughes (aka Cool Yan) and producer Matt Fishman (aka Fat Matt). With influences that range from Stevie Wonder to Outkast, they are known best for their infectious grooves and Cool Yan’ s versatile voice. 2015 saw the release of their most recent project, the feel-good ‘Summer Daze’ EP, led by the laid-back single “Simple Things”.

Continuing to develop their dynamic style, their debut full album ‘Slice Of Paradise’ is a lush, soulful masterwork. The album is an impressive medley of of Pop, Dance/Electronic, Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop: a little something for all you cool cats out there.

It begins with an atmospheric ebb and flow of smooth vocals by Cool Yan, starting out sensual with the opening track “When Did We Get So High”. The EP quickly cruises into a groovy jam at the tail end of this number, and picks up a steady rhythm with emotive “Ride or Die” and electro-retro favorite “Faded”. The fourth number is the namesake track, an experimental piece playing between Yan’s soothing voice and alternating high and low synth sounds. Every track on this EP is groovier and more poignant than the last. Between jazzy and sensual “End of the Night” to happy-go-lucky “Stare and Smile” to the final electro-heavy, seemingly-MJ inspired number “Life”, you just can’t go wrong.

Pick a song, any song, and let Cool Company’s groovy sound carry you away: