From first listen, “Coming Home” by Módl & Holly sounds like a heart-wrenching ballad; it opens with a somber melody, introspective vocals, and a soft build-up into a stunning future drop that follows the light chord progression.

Then, it takes everything you thought about the track and turns it upside down. The vocals are warped into a beautiful harmony with a startling dark build-up into the second drop. Hard-hitting and scattered synth-work hits you like a brick, but somehow maintains the identity of the track. A pitched-down vocal sample–straight from the viral “Hey, that’s pretty good” video–is followed by tin sounds and loud percussive fills that assist in making the drop an unexpected jolt of fire. This drop persists all the way to the end of the song, which ends abruptly; the lack of a proper outro is something not commonly seen, but it works well with the unpredictability of the track.

From start to finish, “Coming Home” by Módl & Holly is a refreshing release from two budding producers that have left nothing behind. It’s only the 14th release off Trap Nation’s newly minted label, Lowly Palace. Based out of Los Angeles, the label strives to “diminish traditional beliefs and values in the music industry.” Each release on the label receives its own unique art, according to the style and emotion that the track brings to the artist(s). It’s a brand new world for a label that has achieved impressive growth, with over 9 million YouTube subscribers and another 3 million across other channels. Lowly Palace is changing the game for underground and burgeouning artists by using Trap Nation’s pre-existing platform to bring a brand new modern-day music label to the table.

“Coming Home” by 20-year-old Nick O’Neill, better known as Módl, and Lisbon-based producer Holly is out now on Lowly Palace.

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