When Colleen D’Agostino is ready to release new music, you should be ready to listen.

This L.A. based singer is doing work with her new track “Without You”. Exploring her artistic nature, the vocals in this track are a clean delivery of grit and attitude. The lyrical content focuses on the idea of loss, which gives the track the right touch of emotion.

Colleen herself said about the song: “Around Christmas time last year I starting writing the lyrics to what would become “Without You”. The song speaks about the feeling of longing after the person you love leaves. The song was beautiful acoustically, but I knew it needed the right production to come to life. That’s when I started working with my friends StrangeTalk, a DJ duo from Australia. I love what the track has become, and the energy of this version. But just for fun, I’m putting the acoustic version out on iTunes as well.”

The production is strong and perfectly fitting to her voice throughout, with deadmau5 style keys and chord progressions, enveloping bass swells and arpeggios and trappy percussion to carry you through the drops.

You can hear this excellent execution of modern electro-pop here: