Gorgeous arpeggios which are somewhat reminiscent of 80’s synth leads? – Check.
Solid vocal micro-edits? – Yes.
Huge, clean production? – Definitely.
Great use of chords and counter melodies with the synth lines and vocal chops? – Boom.

I’m on board.

“The Sea Word” is a strong two track EP from Belfast producer Decoy Octo. He weaves inspiration for his tracks from some of his favorite musicians: Boys Noize, The Chemical Brothers, Flume and like many artists today, Skrillex. He’s laid down roots in Ireland, a music scene which he says has changed vastly since he started out: “The music scene in ireland used to be amazing a few years ago: Skrillex, Kill the Noise, Flux Pavillion, Jack Beats and a load more used to come monthly, but now its moved in a more housey/disco direction…the bass music scene is gone completely!” Luckily, we don’t have to afford a plane ticket to hear his beautiful, unique sound.

The two track EP is out on Itunes, and you can listen below. Grab some headphones and turn it up.

To keep up with Decoy Octo, check out his socials: Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.