Following the viral Spotify success Para Doc’s last track, “Tuesday Feels,” the 22 year old experimental pop producer returns with budding Maryland rapper Ace Cosgrove and rising electro-pop singer SUMif to create this star-studded single: “Be True.”

The song is honest and experimental, and defies being labeled by merely one genre. It’s bubbly and upbeat with all the right trimmings of Electronica, Hip-Hop, and I would even say Indie? It’s like a soda that’s fizzy and sweet with the smoothest creamy aftertaste, and just a hint of heat. The vocals by SUMIf are hypnotic, and the song is catchy without being chintzy. It’s truly an impressive piece of music.

Speaking on the track, Para Doc says: “We wrote ‘Be True’ about the struggle between being who we want to be versus being what others think we should be. ‘Be True’ is about being you. It’s about keeping life simple and honest, both with ourselves and with others. It’s about not having a clue, but going for it anyway. ‘Be True’ is about real people with real stories.”

Check it out below: