Coming straight from Zimbabwe is a brand new artist with heaps of potential, Bantu.

With starlit vocals, bouncy synths, and an uplifting melody, Bantu’s debut track is a promising move for the burgeoning artist. “Holiday” has a sound that could be described as The Chainsmokers meeting Kygo, with a tribal flair; the track is all-around a feel-good tune.

“Holiday” brings you in with A-1 vocals that take you to a different place (as if you’re on a “Holiday”), which then lead into a well-produced drop filled with fun and pleasant vocal chops. About halfway through, the track heads into a harder direction, which brings a well-deserved depth to it, compared to the lightheartedness seen throughout.

“Bantu is the vision of a boy who moved from Zimbabwe to America with the dream of sharing his rich culture from the world.”

Check out Bantu’s brand new track, “Holiday,” below and make way for more to come from the brand new artist!

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